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mad aboutmusic music& wild about vinyl.
As a DJ, I get your needs! That's why I've created a space for you to dig out those golden musical nuggets. Make music melt-downs a thing of the past — I aim to connect you more quickly and deeply to the musical styles that appeal to you. I believe music journeys need the influence of the human touch without the domination of computerised algorithms. My goal is to bring vinyl records to life by championing music that could so easily pass you by.

Format Wars is mainly oriented towards electronics, from lavish ambient to bracing drum & bass and beyond. Still, you'll also find supersonic jazz and wacky, abstract hip-hop. I've got you covered, and you'll be supporting independent artists and labels in the process.

At the moment, a small team and I are working on a new website. Some of the planned benefits that will come with it are access to curated selections by DJs, producers and niche labels, navigation that's focused on your particular tastes and moods and a monthly vinyl club!

For now, explore our shop on Discogs and follow us on Instagram. Also, stay informed about the website development, latest additions to the inventory and records giveaways by subscribing to the mailing list.